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Pet Travel Mats - No Mess, No Smell

At Cwm Cadno Pet Services, we believe pets should enjoy the same level of comfort and cleanliness as larger animals. Traditionally, shippers have used blankets, newspaper, cut up roll stock or other materials to transport pets.
Some of these methods are inexpensive, but they do not ensure the comfort and cleanliness of the animal or lessen its distress.
Our padded mats include a liquid- and odour-absorbing “filler” that keeps the pet comfortable, dry and odour free. petmats skymats
The mats are lightweight and attractive and can be given to the pet owner days before the flight to be placed with the pet's normal bedding.

This allows the animal time to accept the mat and impart some of its scent which reduces the animal’s stress levels when placed in the shipping crate.

Liquids are absorbed by the filler in the mat and keep the animal dry.

Since the liquid is 'locked' in the filler, the shipper or owner can easily dispose of the mat without the need to handle wet, dripping bedding.

The PetMat will absorb various types of liquids including urine, vomit, and wet, runny faeces. The filler also includes an ammonia grabber to eliminate the strong odour of cat urine.

Since not only the top layer of our mats is absorbent, but the bottom layer as well, they also collect liquids that flow down the sides of the crate. All Vari Kennel sizes are available and custom sizes ordered in quantities of 30 or more incur no additional tooling charges.

Cwm Cadno Pet Services is the European and Scandinavian distributor of Skymat PetMats to the animal air transport industry.

Skymat has been producing mats for shipping horses, goats, cows, sheep, camels, etc. for many years. Recently, crate makers using the large animal mats have requested a smaller mat be designed and produced for the pet transport industry. Building on technical expertise with cattle mats, animal mats are now also available for air freighting pets.