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January 20, 2012:
CwmCadno Pet Service celebrate new website release.

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ROAD TRANSPORT COMPARISION - Really important differences for your pet, between pet couriers and our bespoke service. Read More >>

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DOG BREEDERS - Import & Export of fresh chilled or frozen dog semen with liasions to designated cryogenic labs Read More >>


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Pet Road Transport Comparision

A few things we would like to point out to you:

Cwm Cadno Tailored Services

  • Our door to door service means the shortest possible route to ensure your pets comfort – on rare occasions we may take pets from two different owners who's destinations are geographically compatible.
  • Overnight Travel – very rarely this happens! When it does dogs stay in the hotel room with us. Pets are safe with no risk of theft from vehicle. Of course this also means that our driver is never overtired and driving without due care.
  • Regular Stops – when we need a break, we stop and let the dogs out feed and water them first, and only then do we attend to our own needs.
  • Pet Groupings – we've never done this. However if the occasion arises it will be a maximum of two owners.
  • Channel Crossings – We always go via EuroTunnel – it's the quickest, least noisy, most relaxing way of crossing the channel. It also means we do not have to leave your pets side.
  • Veterinary Checks – always done to the letter, for the well being of your pet.

Some Other Pet Carriers

  • Their door to door service means - we stop and collect lots of other pets along the way, sometimes from different countries which means extended travel with other animals in cargo/cattle conditions.
  • Overnight Travel – happens a lot - animals often stay in crates in transport vehicle. eg. it is impracticable to enter hotel with 6 dogs and 8 cats! Or the driver will often continue through the night as the multi point long journeys require them to do so.
  • Regular Stops – our drivers stop regularly for coffee & toilet breaks but many times cannot let all the animals out due to practicality of numbers.
  • Pet Groupings – They'll take as many as we can, no limits the size of the vehicle dictates the limit and they have big vans!
  • Channel Crossings – they'll go anyway, usually by boat as it's cheaper, leaving the pets in the vehicle in a noisy, smelly, stressful environment.
  • Veterinary Checks – Hmmm????